Transformation, Strategic Planning, and Merger Integration


  Strategic Planning is a critical business function that allows a business to assess issues and opportunities, set future direction, discuss priorities and ensure strategic alignment throughout the organization.   We help you gain competitive advantage through business agility and innovation.   It's one thing to develop a strategy, and another to get your organization to follow your strategy. Midwood Partners develops cross-functional, cross-departmental road maps that help build sustainable transformation as you deliver on your strategy.  Effective translation increases confidence that a strategy will deliver on its promises by providing a framework for leadership and delivery teams. Additionally, Midwood Partners combines deep industry expertise with post-mergers execution skills to help our clients conduct effective transitions, prepare for critical close and Day 1 activities and develop and implement a "first 100 days" plan together with a post-merger integration road map.   

  • Strategic Planning
  • Scenario Planning
  • Transformation
  • New Venture Advisory
  • Technology Strategy & Assessment
  • Post Merger Planning and Execution

Process Review and Improvement


Midwood Partners helps you get the most out of your operations with our uniquely collaborative approach. We uncover operational issues, quantify and prioritize our findings, and recommend the right lever to pull to make lasting change.  We emphasize a balanced approach to drive sustainable, continuous improvement—promoting a culture of respect and accountability mechanisms to make change stick, as well as offering best practices and tools.   Also,  IT isn't just a cost center anymore—it's a key strategic component to success. We can help you get the most out of your IT organization. In conjunction with IT systems implementation, we help you choose a new system or optimize your system with our cross-industry experience.    

  • Sustainable Cost & Efficiency
  • Target Operating Model
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Project Turnaround
  • Intelligent Automation 

Risk Management and Support Functions services


  We assist management efforts to ensure planned initiatives deliver the long-term effectiveness of the business. We bring expertise from all practice areas including business process improvement, program and project management as well as resource planning and optimization to ensure all solutions comply with regulations, and are sustainable and in control.  Midwood Partners delivers a proven, repeatable assessment process that gives you a holistic view of your organization’s most critical challenges to managing risks while sustaining growth. We provide pragmatic, effective recommendations to mitigate those risks. Leveraging our deep expertise in finance, we combine our expertise in strategy, project management, risk management and operations to generate relevant, executable solutions.   The regulatory landscape is always changing. Superior program leadership capabilities enable an organization to either get ahead of the changes or respond in a more nimble manner than competitors. While many firms just meet the deadline, we help our clients think ahead to understand impacts so they’re better positioned to meet mandated timelines and plan for what comes next. 

  • Risk Assessments
  • Finance Strategy
  • Human Resources Strategy
  • Shared Services Assessment